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FiberStarr Systems offers business web hosting, domain name and Email address services. Our Personal web hosting plan has features that are also ideal for the first time webmaster.

All of our web hosting plans are designed to be affordable while providing a feature rich, reliable platform to host your web site from. Business web hosting plans are available from $32.95 per month and now come with free account setup when ordered online.

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Web design, web application development and programming. We provide firm project quotes for all projects. Whether creating a program or web site for a small or large business, we can work with you. We bill what we quote, no surprises.

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We provide network design and support services, Internet security, desktop support and project management services for businesses in Sacramento. Our experienced and qualified technicians can supply the support you need at a competitive pricing structure whatever your needs. Call us today to request an free initial consultation.

Pros and Cons of Fiber Optic Internet

The newest Internet craze is fiber optic Internet. Capable of delivering speeds much faster than cable and DSL, this uses light to transfer signal. Light can move much faster through the cables, which is why more people are considering making the switch. However, pros and cons come with any new technology.

Pros of Fiber Optic Internet

There are a couple of pros associated with fiber optic Internet. The main one is that unlike with DSL and cable Internet service, signal does not degrade, even when transferred over long distances. This means customers will get lightening fast signal.

Another pro of fiber optic Internet is the fact that it can be bundled with other service such as telephone and TV. While cable networks allow for this service too, it is typically priced higher than the equivalent DSL bundles. FIber optic service bundles are more competitively priced with DSL service bundles, making them more affordable for consumers who have fiber optic service available in their local area.

Cons of Fiber Optic Internet

The biggest con, for now, is the limited availability of fiber optic Internet. Due to the lack of a nationwide infrastructure, customers are having to wait for the network to be built in their area. The problem lies in the fact that while fiber optics work well in a single location, transferring data over long distances can become an issue. If cables are bent, signal degrades, and the fiber optics inside the cable may become permanently damaged. Inclement weather may cause issues with signal as cables move and potentially bleed light into neighboring lines. One way to handle to this is to give each home or businesses its own dedicated line, but this could cause a logistic mess.

As providers continue to work to build sustainable networks, we expect to see fiber optic Internet become more widely available. Cities are rolling out the service on a more regular basis, but it could still be a while before we see it available in small communities.

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Our affordable web hosting services include many features to help you manage your web hosting account.

• Sub Domain Hosting

• PHP, CGI & MySQL Hosting

• Live Web Statistics

• Up To 250 Email Accounts

• Unlimited Email Aliases

• Dedicated IP Addresses

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